Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Catch Up

These loaded on here in the wrong order and I don't want to do the work to change them.  So we are starting with the latest September birthdays and working back to August.  This year Max and Jake decided they wanted to celebrate together.  I didn't prompt them in any way but it sure was a lot easier on me.  We had quite the crowd and had a lot of fun.  I did really well this year and just went with what they wanted.  Usually I have them pick a theme and go with that for the whole party.  They both wanted totally different cakes, so I let it go.  Jake turned 6 and he wanted a castle cake.  Max turned 9 and wanted a Pikachu cake. They weren't the easiest cakes I've done but still fun for them and that's what counts. 

Back in August, these TWO cuties turned TWO!!!  How do they grow up so fast?   I am so in love with these boys.  They are definitely in the terrible twos though.  I thought one in that stage was hard. Now I feel like it was a piece of cake compared to having two of them.  They are so fun though and keep our family always laughing.  They bring so much joy.

We also had a fun time celebrating Nick's birthday in August.  We have a great group of friends here and it was all four of these great guys birthdays within a week of each other.  We had a fun party to celebrate them all.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Big Update..... We've been busy-

BUSY... training and running a half marathon in March (Nick and Rebecca)

BUSY..... trying to figure out how to meet the constant needs of  TWO almost TWO year olds (Plus their THREE big brothers)

BUSY.... having the big boys get to take a tour of a real submarine that came to the port for a couple of days.

BUSY.... visiting Paris and the Paris Disney resort back in April.  ( The hardest trip we've EVER been on)  but Paris is as precious and amazing as I alway thought it would be.

Busy..... having fun at our local Feria back in May.  

Nick was BUSY for a week when he went to DC for a dental conference.  I was BUSY going crazy without him. :)

Spencer is BUSY making a mess while Nick is BUSY falling asleep during dinner clean up.

BUSY having fun with Uncle TJ and Aunt Rachel in the end of May.  

Nick and Rebecca BUSY training and completing a Sprint Triathlon in June.  (Nick with his red and black)  Rebecca not pictured.

BUSY... having Grandma Peterson and cousin Sarah come the end of June.  

Nick and Rebecca BUSY going to the Canary Islands WITHOUT our kids for a whole week while Grandma and Sarah stayed with all of the boys.  THANK YOU!!!!!!

The cliffs behind us are the Los Gigantes... aka The Cliffs of Insanity!!!  They are the ones in the movie The Princess Bride.

The funnest water park EVER!!!

 Nick and I parasailing

Rebecca and the three big boys BUSY visiting Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy

This last year here is Spain will still be as BUSY as ever.  We are officially separating from the military next june 2012 and returning HOME for good. We are so blessed for Nick to have a very good practice to join with some AMAZING doctors.  OK- so he gets to work with my dad and brother so I'm a little partial as to how amazing they are.  :)  It will be a bitter-sweet transition.   We have loved the military experience and being able to live in Japan and Spain.  Two cultures that will always be very special to our family.  But there is nothing like home and we are so excited to be able to live by family again after 10 years of being away.  Hopefully our last year here will be as exciting as the first two have been.  

Anyway, that's why we've been so BUSY.....